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The mission of Cross Timbers Family Services is to enhance safety and justice by preventing domestic violence, sexual assault and other violent crimes in our community through empowerment, advocacy, awareness and action for social change.

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Sometimes someone will need a little extra help getting back on their feet after suffering a violent crime. A small percentage of your donated funds go toward indirect expenses like rent and utilities to allow someone the financial breathing room to make a new start.

Donations made to Cross Timbers Family Services provide assistance to victims of violent crime. Direct assistance provided by your funds includes deposits for new places to live, transportation to and from court proceedings, and needed medical services from the crime.

When you donate to our organization, you make a difference in someone’s life

Provide for those who need it most. Call today to learn more. 


Your donations also help victims start getting back on their feet

  • Deposits for a new home

  • Indirect expenses (rent, utilities, etc.)

  • Medical and prescription expenses directly related to the victimization

  • Emergency food and shelter for crime victims

  • Transportation to and from court proceedings

Help enable steps on the road to recovery for a victim of violent crime today

Are you suffering from a violent crime like child abuse, sexual assault, or an abusive relationship? Call Cross Timbers Family Services 24 hour hotline today at 254-965-4357 to discuss FREE, confidential assistance tailored to your needs.

Why your donation makes a difference