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The mission of Cross Timbers Family Services is to enhance safety and justice by preventing domestic violence, sexual assault and other violent crimes in our community through empowerment, advocacy, awareness and action for social change.


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You do not have to face the road to recovery alone.

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In addition to assisting with your unique needs, our goal is to provide you with support and assistance in identifying resources that will help you. A legal advocate is available to advise you on safety planning, what to expect from the criminal justice system, and more.

Counseling services from trained professionals are available to help you take your next step forward. Support groups also meet here, allowing people in similar situations to help each other and provide additional encouragement to walk the road of recovery.

It is not easy to determine what to do after suffering through a difficult ordeal, but Cross Timbers Family Services is here to provide you with hope, help, and healing. Services are free and confidential, tailored to assist with your unique needs.

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