Family Services Victims provides 24-hour, comprehensive non-residential services and support to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and crimes including, but not limited to: rape, murder/homicide, child abuse, elder abuse, and human trafficking. Our services are available completely free of charge.

Safety Planning: We offer a safety planning program that provides guidance for survivors on how to prepare and plan to leave, how to stay safe in their home, in public, and with drugs and alcohol. The program also teaches survivors how to plan for their future, develop resiliency, and build self-esteem.

Counseling and Support: We offer counseling, therapy and support for all family members affected by the abuse. We also help families build resiliency and cope with grief and trauma related to the incident.

Rape Crisis/Crime Victims Hotline: We provide 24 hour hotlines for both primary and secondary rape, crime and human trafficking victims. Our rape crisis advocates are on-call and available to accompany victims to hospital emergency rooms, police departments, and courts.

Restricted Reporting: We offer a Restricted Reporting option to Coast Guard members and civilian dependents who are victims of Intimate Partner Maltreatment (IPM). Under this policy, victims can receive needed services without having to notify their command or law enforcement.

Families can request a restricted reporting option by completing the form below and submitting to your HSWL regional practice staff member when performing Family Advocacy Specialist duties or to a Victim Advocate. Disclosure to persons other than these individuals may result in an investigation by law enforcement and/or the Incident Determination Committee.

Email: [email protected]